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  1. Caliber 2408 in fancy Kirovskie... and interesting 2415 automatic - made in Moscow

    Hi all!

    Today I wish to continue the subject of soviet era eastern bloc watchmaking.
    To begin with - a watch I got from a friend of my grandfather's...

    Click image for larger version. 

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    An old pic...
    This is a damaged watch and lacking center second hand (broken pinion) as well.
    Still - I think the man would be offended if I discarded that so it stayed on my shelf.

    The occcasion to repair it occured accidentally, when I tried to ...

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  2. Ilinois 16s 'Getty' model in details.

    Day after day, but I have some free time and also I need to get away from 'things' I don't want to mention here (paperwork, so to say).

    So today I took my Getty out of the box, to see what's inside.

    The Getty model, presumably designed by Mr Getty in late 1800s, is a common 16 size, lever set Illinois movement, made in various grades and large numbers.
    Like I said, this was credited to Mr Getty, though little is known for sure, as it was recently discussed on the ...
  3. The Three Emperors' Corner - part two

    Like I promised, today we go east from the There Emperors' corner, following the Russian boarder to Maczki.
    Once a village on the boarder, today incorporated to the city of Sosnowiec.
    Of course I took the easier way to travel by car, as - despite it's in the boraders of my city - it's quite a drive.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	DSC09685.JPG 
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    For a short while winter is gone now here, and this looks more like autumn.
    Not a very pleasant weather for sightseeing... ...

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  4. The Three Emperors' Corner

    Hello again!

    This particular blog post is about the place where I live - the young city of Sosnowiec.
    Actually it begins a cycle of stories that show some European watches this time, this is a - sort of - introduction.

    Located in the Silesian district of Poland, Sosnowiec is often mistook for a Silesian city, but right west from it, along the rivers of Przemsza and Brynica, is where Silesia actually ends.

    I said Sosnowiec was a young city and so it is, ...

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  5. ...and continued once more :)

    This time I'll show you the first Prim movement that was first made in early 1950s.
    Unfortunately, the specimen I got is not the very first version (that used to have Breguet hairspring), but a slightly later piece, made probably in 1960s or so.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	DSC09603.JPG 
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    It all begins with taing off the caseback of a - rather filthy - case.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	DSC09557.JPG 
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    I'd go straight to the disassembled picture, but there are three ...

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