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  1. Ilinois 16s 'Getty' model in details.

    Day after day, but I have some free time and also I need to get away from 'things' I don't want to mention here (paperwork, so to say).

    So today I took my Getty out of the box, to see what's inside.

    The Getty model, presumably designed by Mr Getty in late 1800s, is a common 16 size, lever set Illinois movement, made in various grades and large numbers.
    Like I said, this was credited to Mr Getty, though little is known for sure, as it was recently discussed on the ...
  2. The Three Emperors' Corner - part two

    Like I promised, today we go east from the There Emperors' corner, following the Russian boarder to Maczki.
    Once a village on the boarder, today incorporated to the city of Sosnowiec.
    Of course I took the easier way to travel by car, as - despite it's in the boraders of my city - it's quite a drive.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    For a short while winter is gone now here, and this looks more like autumn.
    Not a very pleasant weather for sightseeing... ...

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  3. The Three Emperors' Corner

    Hello again!

    This particular blog post is about the place where I live - the young city of Sosnowiec.
    Actually it begins a cycle of stories that show some European watches this time, this is a - sort of - introduction.

    Located in the Silesian district of Poland, Sosnowiec is often mistook for a Silesian city, but right west from it, along the rivers of Przemsza and Brynica, is where Silesia actually ends.

    I said Sosnowiec was a young city and so it is, ...

    Updated 12-08-2016 at 01:39 PM by pmwas

  4. ...and continued once more :)

    This time I'll show you the first Prim movement that was first made in early 1950s.
    Unfortunately, the specimen I got is not the very first version (that used to have Breguet hairspring), but a slightly later piece, made probably in 1960s or so.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	DSC09603.JPG 
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    It all begins with taing off the caseback of a - rather filthy - case.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	DSC09557.JPG 
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    I'd go straight to the disassembled picture, but there are three ...

    Updated 12-02-2016 at 04:12 PM by pmwas

  5. Bohemian treasure continued...

    This post is the continuation of the original 'Bohemian treasure' entry I've written some time ago...


    Just to remind you, this is about a Czech Made Prim watch.

    This is THE Prim or to be precise Manufacture Prim watch, of which some are made with in house Czech made movements.
    As opposed to Prim watches with ...

    Updated 11-27-2016 at 06:48 AM by pmwas

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