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Blog Comments

  1. pmwas's Avatar
    Indeed... it took quite some effort to make one of these. The precision is amazing no doubt, as is the fusee chain itself for example. So many tiny links riveted together with these tiny hooks on both ends - I enjoyed this work a lot
  2. sdowney717's Avatar
    The inside is lot more interesting to see than the outside.
    People don't think of the craftsmanship that goes into making things work. They just see the whole.
  3. kinsler33's Avatar
    Very fine work. I'm jealous.
  4. Robert Gift's Avatar
    Thank you for the close-uphotos and explanations.
    Amazing the precision accomplished before modern machines.
  5. pmwas's Avatar
    The moment I saw the listing I knew it was mine.
    It's a beautiful watch
  6. Dave Coatsworth's Avatar
    Nice to see it ticking away. It cleaned up nicely! As always, a fine write-up.
  7. Dave Coatsworth's Avatar
    A pretty little watch, Paul. Nice to see an example with the case, dial and hands all together. Good write-up and good explanation of 'the spring'.
  8. pmwas's Avatar
    Thanks for kind words !
    Just now I've won a pretty much busted Bates, I hope it will come out equally well!
  9. kinsler33's Avatar
    Splendid photographs. They make me want to do watches again, but my hand tremor confines me to clocks, phooey. Very fine work.

    M Kinsler
  10. pmwas's Avatar
    And yes, I try to get 4 digit numbers, best with Currier's Patent, when possible
    Never got a 3 digit by far...
  11. lovewatches's Avatar
    Nice job.
    Thank you for sharing.
    Super early serial number makes it just that much better.
  12. pmwas's Avatar
    Poise and timing. In an uncut balance it's less important than in cut balance, where by moving the screws towards or away from the cut, you alter temperature compensation as well.
  13. Robert Gift's Avatar
    So interesting to see! Thank you for your close-up photos.
    What determines where the balance wheel "weight screws" are positioned?
  14. Thojil's Avatar
    Thank you for the great explanation.

    These early Columbus movements were produced by Aeby & Landry, Madretsch.
  15. pmwas's Avatar
    3 digit - nice! A good catch I suppose
  16. artbissell's Avatar
    Really interesting fine report and skillful work thoroughly illustrated. Good for me to see how my serial 552 was designed. artbissell
  17. Fred Hansen's Avatar
    Nice watch Pawel and that particular dial has always been one of my favorites, only used for a brief period on Stuarts and Bunns in the 2,000 and low 50,000 serial ranges.

    And agree on the Sony camera with Zeiss optics ... I'm still using a 15 year old DSC-F707 for my pics.
  18. pmwas's Avatar
    It's just a Sony DSC H5 camera. Good (built in) Zeiss optics
  19. kinsler33's Avatar
    Very fine photographs. I wonder how they were made.

    M Kinsler
  20. oyster's Avatar
    Nice work. That Elgin PW is lovely.
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