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Tom McIntyre

  1. Message Board features and plans

    As we approach 2015 this site, including its direct ancestors will be 15 years old. The current format was first deployed in 2002 and has undergone several revisions since then, but we still have content available that dates from that time.

    We are exploring ways to make this site a bit friendlier to use and easier to understand. This has started with a clariification of our rules of operation but will continue with efforts to reduce misunderstandings about those rules.
  2. Railroad watches - TheEarly days

    The Competition of the Big 3 Watch Companies for Railroad Watches - Beginnings

    American watch companies competed for a recognized railroad business segment for almost the entire history of the industry from the 1850's until the 1950's. Most of this period was dominated by the Waltham and Elgin watch companies with and a "virtual" third company consisting of the group of companies in Illinois which became dominated by the Illinois Watch Company that finally was absorbed by the Hamilton ...

    Updated 12-15-2014 at 12:32 PM by Tom McIntyre

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  3. Ball-Waltham serial numbers

    Quote Originally Posted by Larry Treiman View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by mlcampbell View Post

    I used "pocketwatchdatabase.com and I did enter the number with and without the B. Without the B, the database can't find it. With the B, it gives incorrect information (wrong jewel count, year of manufacture off by 12 years from the date stated by the seller). Says it's a 'mixed run'.

    That's why I asked here, I'm out of ideas to resolve the discrepancy.
    I can understand your exasperation. I'm getting really, really tired of having to correct
  4. We love pictures

    We have recently added a Gallery feature to the Message Board to display the wonderful picture resources our members have provided over the years.

    Each member has the ability to create albums of pictures they upload to the Message Board. In addition to pictures in albums, all the pictures you have uploaded using the attachment manager will appear in your Attachment folder in the Gallery facility.
    To put pictures in you album, you only need to click on upload and the ...
  5. About the Message Board

    This will be an ongoing blog to chronicle the development and use of the NAWCC Message Board. Please reply with your thoughts as you feel appropriate.

    June 2013 marks the deployment of the last edition of vBulletin V4. We will continue using this version of the software until vBulletin V5 has been widely deployed and had a thorough shakedown. That may take as much as 3 years.

    In order to freshen the look of the message board, several changes have been made in this deployment. ...
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