View Full Version : Need Help hooking up #6145 International Time Clock

11-12-2003, 10:08 AM
Please amplify your description. "International 6145" and type "D" master clock don't reveal much.

Browsing an index of IBM/International products indicates that the type 6145 is an "Automatic Time Recorder - 150 employees." Such would most likely have a spring driven clockworks movement unless modified with a "slave" electrically impulsed movement.

Such conversion would necessitate a rather powerful slave movement to increment the recorder.

That being said, the nominal control voltage for many US made master clock systems is, as you state, 24 volts DC. However, a few systems were supplied at other voltages, 32 and 48. Some older schemes used lower voltages.

Additionally, this subject should be posted on the "Early Electric Clocks and Watches" category of this bulletin board. It is visited more by the "sparkies" who frequent the service than the "wind-up" folks.


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