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  1. resilvering mirror
  2. Reverse-Painted Glass
  3. Kitchen Clock Glass
  4. Preserving Flaking Dial
  5. Flaking on reverse painting on glass
  6. Damar Varnish
  7. How to fix Loose Dial paint?
  8. Dial Cleaning
  9. Old dials,touch up,replace or leave alone?
  10. reverse glass tablet conservation
  11. Dial Clean-Up
  12. Quick Lesson About Painted Glass Types
  13. Tablet Stencils.......
  14. Dial restoration
  15. Wecome to Phil Gregory Reverse Glass and Dial Painting forum.
  16. purpose
  17. Interesting catagory
  18. This is going to be good
  19. To Scrape or to Paint?
  20. Close, it's a pendulum
  21. Original Tablets
  22. Need tablet design for E Terry & Sons clock
  23. HXTAL Glass repair
  24. Silas Hoadley Pillar & Scroll
  25. Marsh, Gilbert & Co.
  26. Birge, Mallory & Co.
  27. Birge & Fuller
  28. Ingraham Banjo
  29. Opinions of strengthened dial?
  30. New England Clock Co. cigar box clock
  31. Interesting Dial
  32. New Haven Sauers Glass
  33. Transfer Images to glass
  34. Special Gustav Becker Swinger dial?
  35. Cleaning a paper dial
  36. Original colors in glass paintings
  37. Style: What should be outlined and for what periods?
  38. What type of paint to use on seth thomas reverse glass touch-up
  39. What pen and what ink to outline a tablet?
  40. Question about tablet design
  41. Reversible repair of decorated glass
  42. Removing paper from painted side of tablet
  43. Varnish types
  44. Restoring Adverting Tablet Question
  45. How can you mend a broken part...
  46. Freeze a dials status quo?
  47. First attempt ever at Reverse Glass Painting
  48. Restoring a corroded metal dial
  49. Tablet Cleaning
  50. S Thomas Dial
  51. translucent sign letters
  52. Seth Thomas Mantel Clock Dial
  53. Dial Image Clean-Up Using PhotoShop (tm)
  54. crackle finish on new dials
  55. Junghans ATO
  56. Dial restoration-right or wrong?
  57. Border Art Homemade Clock Face
  58. Is this glass original?
  59. Restore a dial or leave it alone???
  60. Ingraham Liberty Glass or Decal?
  61. Ingraham Dial Help
  62. Raised gold paint on clock dial
  63. Using Bergeon Dial Wax to Fill a Porcelain Dial Chip
  64. How do I remove the paint...
  65. Becker Anniversary Dial & Bezel Restoration.
  66. clock face restore
  67. Black Dial, Gold numbers
  68. Enamel Dial repair HELP!
  69. Restore dial?
  70. Need some advice on gold leaf on glass
  71. stabilizing a reverse painted tablet
  72. GE Advertising Clock
  73. Surely you've been asked this dozens of times...
  74. painted dial stabilizing
  75. Restoring silvered dials
  76. Fabricating Missing Dial Numbers?
  77. Did tablet decorators ever sign their work?
  78. Metal Dial With Off White Paint-Chips Near Screws-How To Repair?
  79. Remove Acyrilic Decoration from Dial
  80. Is this a dial painters "signature"?
  81. Don't Scrape Paint Off That Old Dial
  82. Reverse painted tablets for sale
  83. How can I best repair this dial?
  84. Need New Haven scanned dial image
  85. New England Clock question
  86. Painted zinc Seth Thomas Dial
  87. reverse glass restoration
  88. Removing Glue from ST Globe Dial
  89. Howard #70-14 Regulator dial question
  90. Old Time Clock Dials
  91. French? dial needs paint repair, need help with design
  92. Curious about this glass
  93. shipping doors for reverse painting
  94. Seth Thomas World Dial
  95. How to remove varnish/shellac from a clock dial
  96. West Coast Restorers
  97. Repainting a black background on glass
  98. Clear vs. opaque tablets?
  99. Pam clock reverse glass help needed
  100. Dial fabrication
  101. reverse paint info needed
  102. ansonia dial
  103. Can a paper dial be restored?
  104. First dial silvering
  105. dial mounting pins
  106. An apology and update re Gilbert tablets
  107. Seeking a round glass for Ingraham Doric
  108. Silver Nitrate How Much?
  109. Advertising Glass
  110. What to do now that Old Times Dials is gone?
  111. Where to Purchase Fenn Style Tablet?
  112. Long-case clock dial-art and scripts
  113. Removing Broken Glass and Putty
  114. Looking for Fenn Tablet Image
  115. Traditional Long Case Dial Painting Information
  116. Looking for someone to repair reverse glass painted sign
  117. Removing Spray Paint
  118. Odd plugging of holes in ST dial
  119. Cleaning reverse glass for repaint
  120. Chauncey Jerome reverse painted tablet
  121. Looking for Seth Thomas Cincinnati Glass Art
  122. Waterbury Willard No. 3 Banjo - Tablet Scenes
  123. How to tighten dial posts on brass dial
  124. Need help with New Haven Dial restoration
  125. cleaning reverse glass
  126. McClintock loomis master clock stained glass dials
  127. Bluing Hands
  128. Old wavy bubbled glass found in picture frame...
  129. Introducing myself properly - dialpainter
  130. New Dial Painter Needed
  131. Update on that Old Glass in picture frame....
  132. "Reversible" "Stabilizer"?
  133. What was used to black out the glasses on early to mid 1800's Banjo's, etc.
  134. Postal Telegraph dial restoration
  135. Scottish Longcase Round Dial Restoration
  136. How Best to Clean a Painted Dial?
  137. Wonderful Pillar and Scroll Glass from Lee Davis
  138. Pam Clock, reverse paint.
  139. To spray or not to spray?
  140. Mother of Pearl?
  141. Rust stains on silvered dial
  142. Restorer info needed
  143. Source for 'Niagara' glass/decals
  144. Time clock glass transfers
  145. S. Willard Reverse Painted Glass
  146. Clock dial
  147. Plastic clock crystal
  148. Cleaning an Atmos Dial
  149. gel transfer for clock dials
  150. your opinion on this restored paper dial
  151. Waterbury Buffalo glass
  152. Who does dial-repainting on my side of the pond?
  153. Repair plaster on reverse painted dial, wag
  154. dial repair
  155. dial silvering not working!!!
  156. dial pan solder
  157. dial transfer not sticking
  158. Seth Thomas Ships Bell Dial Color
  159. Reproduction glass or not?
  160. Banjo clock glass tells true story
  161. Replaced tablet?
  162. Chelsea Banjo Reverse Painting
  163. Replaced chinese banjo tablets
  164. Luman Watson Glass?
  165. International Time Recording Co reverse glass logo
  166. Flaking paint
  167. Clear coat newly silvered dial?
  168. ST Dial Cleanup
  169. How long to wait for a reverse painting restoration
  170. Boardman & Wells reverse tablet restoration?
  171. What to do with this clock face?
  172. Seth Thomas Regulator #2 Roman Dial
  173. Soluvar and dial signature
  174. What type of paint was used on original ogees??
  175. Installation of a new glass, what kind of material to use
  176. Help I need a replacement original dial
  177. OG door decal/stencil pattern
  178. Glass Stenciling Class In June
  179. floral design repaint on clock base
  180. Decal Source Needed for Seth Thomas No. 1 Regulator Tablet
  181. Decal for glass in UK
  182. Repair for Porcelain dial
  183. Tablet Image Border Has Flaked Off
  184. Gesso and gilding supplies?
  185. Who was this man?
  186. forestville door glass designs
  187. Seth Thomas dial touchup
  188. who does reverse painting here in the south east USA
  189. Update on my ST Umbria dial
  190. Looking for The Reverse Transfer for a International Time Recording Clock
  191. Hills, Goodrich and Co. Plainville, Conn. - Advice Needed on Tablet Replacement.
  192. Re-Made dial and or trim ring
  193. were zinc dial pans painted?
  194. Stabilizing tablet
  195. Darkening agent on brass dials
  196. Tablet restoration question
  197. Tablet Stabilization Started !
  198. Waterbury "Crane" glass lettering wore off should I leave it blank?
  199. Newbie Question on Glass Painting
  200. The Dial House
  201. Dial Silvering - Advice
  202. Proper gauge metal for clock dial
  203. Superb Dial Restoration
  204. How do you clean up a brass dial?
  205. Ingraham Pallet dial - do anything or nothing?
  206. Fenn glass?
  207. Seth Thomas OG Glass Question
  208. Chauncey Jerome TEMPORARY Door Tablet Question
  209. Superb Dial Restoration
  210. What finish would they have used?
  211. ANOTHER First Dial Resilvering Project
  212. Reverse glass painting, white ONLY - what type of paint? (newbie alert!)
  213. In need of tablet for Charles Kirke! Suggestions?
  214. Smashed French Clock Dial. Can one alway be a purist?
  215. Forestville reverse glass replacements?
  216. Reproducing Dials
  217. Attempting to restore a Staartklok Dial
  218. Decorative paint on clock glass
  219. Paint vs Ink?
  220. Samuel R. Hickcox woodworks tablet restoration
  221. I need some advice on a Staartklok Painted Dial.
  222. Konkurrenz wall clock dial
  223. Refinishing German Dials
  224. Dial Painting Question
  225. How can I restore this dial?
  226. Best way to infill old inked numerals
  227. How to keep paint from chipping off my old Seth Thomas Cottage dial?
  228. Need advice on who to use for dial repainting in Ontario or Michigan
  229. Would you be interested?
  230. Some assistance required for a newbi
  231. Marks on 1930's longcase face
  232. Longcase hemisphere maps
  233. Small Meiko dial has a shadow from the hour hand.
  234. Best Way to Glue New paper Dial to Pan
  235. Dial Restoration - Excess Holes
  236. Reverse Painting Servant's Annunciator (not clock)
  237. Lenzkirch Dial Clock - Glass Replacement
  238. Help and advice needed restoring wooden works tablet
  239. Hemisphere Design
  240. Gilbert Dial-What Can I Do?
  241. What is the difference between stenciling on glass and reverse painting?
  242. September 20th Stenciling on Glass Class Spots Available
  243. Seth Thomas regulator 20 dial
  244. Help and advice re this Franz Hermle dial
  245. any info on painter maybe??
  246. Help needed to paint dots & diamond shapes on glass front
  247. Keuka Ingraham Dial question?
  248. Painted panel on my New Haven OG
  249. Source for Marble Dial Signature Strengthening (New England Area)
  250. Metal Dial material? Making a custom dial from scratch