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  1. The MIH in La CHaux-de-Fonds - An Introduction.
  2. April. Samuel Roy and sons One-wheel clock circ 1780.
  3. May. Three-wheel skeleton clock. Breguet and Son Paris.
  4. June. Perpetual movement clock. Jean and David Geiser.
  5. July. Skeleton regulator with Gregorian and Republican calendars. Robert Robin.
  6. August. Tuning Fork Clock. Louis-Clment Breguet
  7. September 2009. Precision Clock. Matthias Hipp
  8. November 2009. Precision Master Clock. Louis Leroy & Cie's
  9. December 2009. Strasser and Rohde. Precision Regulator
  10. January 2010. Jean-Eugne Robert-Houdin. Mystery Clock
  11. February 2010. Skeleton Bracket Regulator, Ferdinand Berthoud
  12. March 2010. Astronomical table clock, Elias Kreittmayr
  13. April 2010. Monstrance table clock, Anonymous, Germany
  14. May 2010. Albert Baillon Clock on a Plinth
  15. June 2010. "Montre a tact" signed by none other than Abraham-Louis Breguet
  16. Upcoming Symposium
  17. December 2010. "Delirium" Ultra-thin Watch